Supermicrosurgical anastomosis competition during the 2018 ICSM Conference

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Featuring a Supermicrosurgery anastomosis competition using 12-0 nylon suture with 70x Mitaka microscope in a 0.2mm rat tail artery.

From first time to the second!

The original super-microsurgery proponent, Professor Koshima, defined super-microsurgery as a blood vessel with a diameter less than 0.6 mm. With the development of microsurgical techniques and equipment, blood vessel anastomosis with a diameter of 0.2-0.3 mm was brought to fruition. This holds clinical value especially in the field of fingertip replantation, ultra-small perforator flap free transplantation, microscopic lymphatic surgery, and other fields.

In 2016, we held the first " MITAKA Cup" super microsurgical vascular anastomosis contest. The participants were tasked with completing vascular anastomosis of a diameter of 0.2mm under a microscope of 70x. The contest was a complete success!

In 2018, we invited more supermicrosurgical experts to join this competition.



Course of SuperMicrosurgery

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