ICSM Supermicrosurgical Society
Youth Committee

・There are two ways for young members to join: 
  1. Recommendation by committee members 

  2. Application by him/herself

・Applicants must submit the following information:
  1. Application form (see attachment)

  2. Curriculum Vitae

  3. Provide images and/or short video presentations of his work relevant to the field of supermicrosurgery

・Members of the Youth Committee will have honorary positions for two years.
・The International Supermicrosurgical Society will award the certificate to committee members.
・The committee member must meet one of the following requirements during his term in office to be qualified for the following term:
  1. Give an oral presentation(s) at the International Microsurgical Society Academic Conference.

  2. Submit publications(s) to either Chinese or English magazines, including the International Journal of Supermicrosurgery: International Microsurgery Journal (IMJ)

  3. Innovate and contribute in the field of microsurgery.


Already signed up for our membership



Send your form with associated documents to the following address:2018icsm@gmail.com

We shall process your application and update you with our final decision within 60 days of receiving all documentation.



Course of SuperMicrosurgery