Plastic surgery department, Maastricht University
medical center, the Netherlands

  • Length: Flexible

  • Scrub: No

  • Program fee: Free

  • Any support: No

  • Institution: Plastic surgery department, Maastricht university medical center, the Netherlands 

  • Corresponding microsurgeon: 
    Shan-Shan Qiu, M.D. 

  • Fields of service: 300 all kinds of free flaps and 100 LVA cases per year, everyday OR. Research is also possible in the form of collaborating with ongoing projects. 

  • Scale: 10-14 beds for plastic surgery department. 
  • Note: All fluent English and some social events organized for our visitors. Personally, Dr. Qiu speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, and Mandarin.
  • Official website:




Course of SuperMicrosurgery