Lymphedema Clinic, Breast Center, Kameda Medical Center, Japan

  • Length: <2 years

  • Scrub: Yes

  • Program fee: Free

  • Any support: Accommodation
    (if available) and Salary

  • Institution: Lymphedema Clinic, Breast Center, Kameda Medical Center, Japan 

  • Corresponding microsurgeon: AkitatsuHayashi, MD

  • Fields of service: Lymphaticsurgery

  • Scale: 1000 beds, The biggest private medical center in Japan, JCI accreditation, 200 cases lymphedema surgery/year 

  • Note: You can learn not only lymphedema surgery (LVA&LNT) but also preoperative planning using ICG-L and Ultrasound detection techniques. The main hospital is located in front of the beautiful sea and satellite clinic is located nearby Ginza. You can enjoy both Nature and City-life.

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